Dark Story

It had been a rough couple of weeks at work. We had a big pitch coming up and I had been working overtime to get ready. On Valentine’s Day I came in early to work, missing the traditional heart shaped pancakes with my kids, so that I could leave the office by 5:00 to meet my wife for dinner. I sent a draft of the pitch to my manager that morning and let him know that I was hoping to leave at 5:00 that evening because my wife had made special plans for Valentine’s Day. He was slammed in meetings all day, so he didn’t get me the edits until 4:45 and told me he needed them made before I left. We still had several days until the pitch and I was planning on coming in early the next day to make the edits, but it was an important pitch and my manager was adamant that he needed them before the end of the day. I called my wife and told her I would be staying late. We missed our reservation. My wife has wanted me to leave my job for a while now, because it’s clear my manager doesn’t value me or my family. This was just another example. I rarely ever ask to leave early, not that 5:00 is early. It was obvious he didn’t care one bit about me. I started thinking about leaving the company at that point. I haven’t yet, but it’s still in the back of my mind.