Sparck Story

A good employee thank you note comes from the heart.  It is an expression of genuine appreciation.  These letters:

  • Are handwritten
  • Greet the recipient by name 
  • Clearly state why you are writing
  • Use specific examples of actions they have taken that you appreciate most
  • Are sent in a timely manner
  • Are not generic
  • Close with an expression of sincerity and thanks

Dear Claire,

Thank you for all your effort in helping onboard the new interns. They’ve already contributed greatly to our endeavors and that is due largely in part to you.  

We are working to expand our internship program and I’m wondering if you would be willing to participate in a brainstorming session this Friday with Diane [parenthetically – this is her supervisor] and myself.  I’d love your input on what’s working and what we could improve moving forward. Let me know and I’ll send a meeting confirmation.

Thank you again for your help.  You’ve gone above and beyond and I can safely say we are a stronger company because of employees like you.

Warm Regards,