Sparck Story

Every year, my boss and his family host a wonderful holiday party at his house.  It’s a fancy cocktail affair with catered food, live music and beautiful decorations.  Families are invited to attend and there are always fun things for the kids to do. One year, Santa came to visit and take pictures with everyone!  We all look forward to it every year. I know it must be a lot of work to put on such an event and obviously he cares a lot about his employees. It’s so much better than a gift card or bottle of wine.  I think spending time with co-workers is valuable. It creates a bond within the office that is felt throughout the entire year. And as if the party wasn’t enough, each year I receive a personal, handwritten card thanking me for the hard work I’ve done throughout the year.  It’s not just a generalized thank you either. He points out specific work I’ve done, which really makes me feel great! This year, he even gave me a bit of additional PTO to spend with my family around the holidays because he knew we were traveling across country to visit my ailing grandmother.