Don’t Live In The Dark

Don’t live in the dark! These moments are the times where employers’ actions leave employees feeling undervalued, forgotten and under-appreciated. Sometimes the employers have the best of intentions, other times it’s a matter of being out of touch. Either way, the results are often the same.

“It was my birthday.  I came to work to find my desk decorated with balloons and signs.  It was great, except my boss who walks by my desk a thousand times a day never stopped to even wish me happy birthday.  I guess he was too busy, one of the many reasons why I have an interview this afternoon.”

Live in the Sparck.

“It was my birthday and the CEO got me a spicy grilled cheese sandwich and lemon bars from my favorite bakery to celebrate during our executive team meeting where each person shared one way I impacted them in the past year…I love this company, they care about ME!”

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